Lo que realmente ocurrió en Panamá – Película / The Panama Deception (Never Forget History)

Publicado el abril 4, 2013, Bajo Video, Autor MonaLisa.

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Del buzón republicano (noprivatizacion@gmail.com), enviado por Gilberto Valencia, tomado de imlaspace.

The Panama Deception is a 1992 documentary film that won the Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature. The film is critical of the actions of the US military during the 1989 invasion of Panama by the United States, covering the conflicting reasons for the invasion and the depicting of the US media as biased. It was directed by Barbara Trent of the Empowerment Project and was narrated by actress Elizabeth Montgomery.

The film asserts that the U.S. government invaded Panama primarily to renegotiate the Torrijos–Carter Treaties. Another allegation made by the film is that the United States tested some form of laser or energy weapon during the invasion. The film also includes footage of mass graves uncovered after the US troops had withdrawn, carpet-bombed civilian neighborhoods, as well as the depiction of some of the 20,000 refugees who fled the invasion.


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