Caravana “ABRIENDO PUERTAS A LA ESPERANZA” Coalición Humanitaria Internacional Promigrante

Publicado el mayo 3, 2013, Bajo Video, Autor MonaLisa.

Video de: migranates, Mar 31, 2013 – Visita la web:
Caravana: “ABIENDO LAS PUERTAS A LA ESPERANZA” 29 de abril – mayo 29 -2013, 26 ciudades, 15 estados cruzando los Estados Unidos.
CARAVAN: “OPENING THE DOORS TO HOPE” APRIL 29 – MAY 31, 2013, 26 Cities and 15 states across the United states.

The ¨Interfaith Caravan of Hope for Immigration Reform Beyond Borders” is reaching out to people from faith-based organizations Bring diverse communities together Common issues vilence and Immigration. This action seeks to offer organized religion the opportunity to take astronger and more unified stance in the struggle for immigrant rights an violence our families are facing together beyon Our bordders . More than 20 million illegal guns entering Mexico from the United States (80 % of military-style weapons of which fall into the hands of Mexico’s drug trafficking organizations), deportation of a record 1.5 million migrants, the 22,000 kidnapped and additional 70,000 migrants who have disappeared, and the more than 50,000 violent deaths due to this war on drugs, have created a humanitarian crisis the proportions of which we have never before seen in Mexico, Mexican Revolution included.


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